Friday, February 25, 2022

Loss can be good

During the pandemic many people have lamented the loss of their normal lives. They ruminate on the things they miss. Given our tendancy to form attachment to material pleasures, this is not surprising. If one derives happiness from eating in restaurants then one will no doubt feel a sense of loss when the restaurants are closed. It may be that the happier person is the one who has detached themself from those material sources of pleasure.

But such detachment is hard. So what can we do to maintain happiness in these difficult times? Perhaps we should focus less on what we have lost and more on what we have gained. Sure, we can't always visit our favorite restaurants, but we now have more time to work in the garden. It may be more difficult to travel abroad, but this affords time to enjoy local walks. Going dancing with friends is less common, but now the evenings can be spent on new hobbies - painting or perhaps poetry. 

Remember also that when something good is lost, painful things might go away too. You might have lost those boozy nights out, but you have also lost the awful hangovers. Losing things can be good.

So, try to remember that loss is not necessarily bad. Thinking about loss in a different way may bring opportunity and gratitude.