Wednesday, January 12, 2022

Focus on what is within your control

We all feel frustrated from time to time. Those annoying social media posts; those crazy political decisions; the damn weather. Why can't things just go right? Why can't people be nice to eachother? Why can't the government get its act together?

But many of these things are beyond our control. And much of it doesn't actually harm us -- that is, until we form an opinion about it. Then the harm comes when we feel frustrated or angry. We demand that things beyond our control be a certain way and we are shocked when they are not. No wonder we get so upset.

What is the solution? By the gods, I am uncertain. But perhaps a good place to start is to focus on things that are within our control. Focus on your own actions. This is not to say we should ignore wrongs that are committed in the world. But many of those things are distant and are beyond our influence, so cursing and punching walls is pointless. Instead, ask yourself: am I living an honorable and just life?  What can I do to be the best person I can be? From this local level, you may find that you can make the world a slightly better place.